More horses; different state


Charters Towers. I could write my whole blog about it. How do I explain it? It’s a small town about an hour from Townsville. But it’s in the middle of nowhere. My dad’s friends own a property there with about a million acres.

We camp right by a billabong, near a small herd of horses. There’s one horse called ‘Scooby doo’ who, last year took some interest in uncle Allister’s camping box, then after punching a hole in it, lost interest.

It’s a good thing we camp near a billabong because it’s boiling hot. The second we get out of the water we want to get back in again. Last year we were mustering cattle and the horse I was riding wouldn’t trot! It was so embarrassing! I kept muttering ‘trot, trot, you’re making me look like an idiot.’



All the pretty little ponies


My favourite animals are horses, I just love them. As you could guess horse riding is my passion; have two horses and I’m getting a new one soon but more on that later.

16 12

My two horses are named “Jimmy” and “Magic”.  Magic is 11hh and Jimmy is 16hh, they are my best friends and easy to talk to even though they never talk back. I can trust them with my life and love them to bits! I have been riding two years and have fallen off three times, broken my arm twice.

Let’s start with pigs


I live on a 60 acre farm. We’ve got; pigs, cows, sheep, chickens, turkeys, guineafowl, two horses, three dogs, one cat, an alpaca and a naughty jersey calf. I know; a zoo right!


Births are a big thing on our farm, babies can be a pain; especially in winter. But you gotta admit, their cute little buggers!